Olive Wood Large Cheese-Serving Board

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Our stunning olive wood cutting boards can be used as cutting boards, cheese boards or serving boards.  They are hand-crafted from olive wood from the Mediterranean therefore the size and shape of each board will vary... each board is unique and great in their own way.  The Large board is typically between 17.5"-19.5" long. 

We will engrave any personal message, logo or monogram you would like.  Proofing process and art discussion will follow the completion of your order.

Want to dress it up a bit? How about adding our Local Texas Vendor Basket. This includes basket and seasonal local vendor item (might be Hipstir Cocktail Mix, Texas Hill County Olive Oil and dipping herbs, Round Rock Honey or something else we source).

Have your own artwork or logo you would like to use?  Upload it below.

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